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This video covers varying viewpoints on a new tobacco restriction that was passed by Richmond, CA's city council.

Richmond joined city's around the country to speak out against gun violence. This video follows the student-led march to City Hall

In early March Contra Costa County launched a hotline that people can use to report customs enforcement raids. This video explores the hotline, and other ways county residents are addressing the threat of deportation.

This video follows a night walk with Richmond's Ceasefire volunteers. The group walks through some of Richmond's toughest area to spread their anti-gun violence message.

This video follows a young woman's job search from a job skills training to gainful employment.

During  promotional documentary focusing on the Lake Eyasi Girls' Vocational Training Center in Tanzania. 

This video covers a 2017 free speech  rally in Berkeley. I believe it highlights my ability to shoot solid video in a tense and sometimes violent situation.

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